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Anchor your TEMPO to the ground appropriately using the U-anchors supplied with the car shelter (always cross-stake the nails). We strongly recommend also using guiding cables and permanent anchors (sold separately). We do not, however, recommend using concrete blocks as anchoring. This will potentially subject the car shelter to sliding and wind uplift.

View our anchoring instructions.

Tempo maintenance

Here is a small list of advice to follow to ensure proper maintenance of your shelter:

During the winter months, periodically check the tarp’s tension, the anchors, and securing nuts.

In the spring, make sure your tarp is completely dry before storing it.

Clean any dirt that may have accumulated during the winter.

Store your tarp in a dry place, away from the sun. If your tarp requires repairs, contact our repair service department.

During the winter, keep the end doors closed to prevent wind damage from occuring.

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